The Tsunami Generation

Film number two whilst working at Folke Rydén Production AB. Here two I was the editing assistant but was also helping out on the shooting days for scenes that were filmed in Stockholm.

Short Synopsis:
Through compelling stories of remnants of families, this film is an emotional account on how the year following the tsunami came to be almost as turbulent as the tsunami itself.

For decades Aceh was an isolated, religious and heavily contested province of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. In the mountains the guerrilla organization, GAM, was fighting the government for independence and Aceh was closed to the rest of the world.

Having suffered through one of the worst natural disasters in living memory, remnants of families are waiting for a place to stay and a life to live. They are the Tsunami Generation. A generation of people with a glimpse of hope in their eyes, despite the overwhelming struggle that remains to get life back to normal.

[two_col]Production Facts
My role: Editing Assistant
Original title: Generation Tsunami
Director: Folke Rydén
Length: 58 min

Shown on (selection):
SVT, ZDF/ARTE, YLE, DR, NRK, RUV, RTBF, BiH, ETV and several Filmfestivals

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[/two_col] [two_col_last]Awarded:
Red Cross Film Festival
Chicago Film Festival – Hugo Award
Nominated for Kristallen – Swedish TV Awards