The Linnaeus Expedition

Having been offered a permanent job at Folke Rydén Production after my workexperience I was working on this very big project. The third documentary film at FRP was a film that would be shown in Swedish cinemas and later SVT. It also travelled to different filmfestivals around the world. I was the postproduction assistant.

Short Synopsis:
Expedition Linnaeus is a documentary film to commemorate the tercentenary of the birth of the world-renowned natural scientist, the Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linné).

The film is a journey of discovery to seven continents, into space, down into the depths of the oceans and into the future. At the centre are crucial questions: How should we behave and act today in order to survive tomorrow and how can science and research contribute to a better world?

Inspired by Linnaeus curiosity and the thrill of discovery, the expedition meets some of the world’s leading researchers and experts, who try to give answers to these questions.

Production Facts

My role: Editing Assistant
Original title: Expedition Linné
Director: Folke Rydén & Mattias Klum
Length: 72 min

Shown on (selection):
Shown in Swedish Cinemas (SF) and on SVT as well as internationally at festivals

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New York Festivals 2008 – Finalist Award