Full Cover Girl

This documentary film about the situation for women and democracy in Iraq was film number six I have been working on whilst employed at Folke Rydén Production AB in Stockholm. This time as the editor.

Short Synopsis:
Aspiring Iraqi women politicians are profiled during several years. They literally risk their lives participating in the future of their country. And they differ dramatically in their views on democracy, nation building and women’s rights.

By focusing on these women the film sheds light on the larger issue: What does it mean to build and practice democracy? Should a democracy curbing some rights for women be encouraged?

Filming was taking place in Baghdad, Amman, Washington DC and Sweden.

Production Facts

My role: Editor
Original title: Irak under slöjan
Director: Folke Rydén
Length: 58 min

Shown on (selection):
SVT, YLE, DR & Festivals

More info

Awarded:Peace on Earth Filmfestival 2009