For Cod’s Sake

On this project I have been the Photographer filming scenes in Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and Canada. When not filming I have been editing.

Short Synopsis:

Fishermen, scientists and politicians have – all in good faith – done their best to wipe out the Baltic Sea cod. And just as a historic recovery is about to take place, Baltic Sea fishermen dump tonnes of dead cod back into the sea every week. For Cod´s Sake reveals how and why.

Fortunately, recent environmental conditions have – by chance – led to more cod in the Baltic. And the European Union proclaims it wants to save the species. But ironically, EU regulations force fishermen to discard thousands of dead cod – every day. And scientists advising the EU disagree heavily on the extent of the recovery.

So is the cod really back – or is a wipe-out still imminent?

Over two dramatic and decisive years Folke Rydén and the production team got up and close with fishermen, scientists, politicians and the cod itself.

Without the cod, the sea will be out of balance, the water filthy and fishermen will survive only as tourist attractions.

Production Facts

My role: Camera & Editor
Original title: Alla torskar
Director: Folke Rydén
Co-director: Ryszard Solarz

Shown on: SVT, YLE, DR, ERR, CBC, Arte & Festivals

More info

Awarded:International Environmental Film Festival – 2010