Cycle of Change – Beijing, my old home

This is the first documentary project I produced, directed and edited myself. It was shown at the New Beijing international Filmfestival in 2007 where it was awarded the Golden Duck Award for the best short Documentary. It also won the award for best documentary about cityscapes/architecture at the Lund Architecture and Film festival 2010.

Short Synopsis:
I was twelve years old when my family moved from Hamburg to Beijing. We stayed for four years and Beijing quickly felt like a hometown to me. As I return 15 years later, I find a totally changed city.

The Film shows my search for the old Beijing of my childhood. Instead I find the new rhythm of this fast-changing international metropolis. „The people have become colder” says one interviewee still living in the Hutongs – the quarters that I remember for being warm, social and vibrant with life. Most of the Hutongs have given way to the more modern buildings. Nevertheless, they still exist, the old places and known faces, but finding them has become increasingly difficult.

In the preparations for the 2008 Olympics, the speed of change has increased to a new level. I wondered how the citizens of Beijing feel about the Olympic Games coming to their city. ‘The Olympic Games are good’, said one, ‘certainly for the development of the city. But what it means for us personally, we still don´t know.’

Old video-recordings – memories from back then – mix with images of a modern Beijing. The Film is a personal portrait of a city, that I somehow still feel at home in.
Production Facts

My Role: Producer/Director/Editor
Original Title Cycle of Change – Peking, mein altes Zuhause.
Director: Enno Ladwig
Length: 26 min

Shown at:
Beijing International Film Festival
ArchFilm Lund, Sweden
Greening the Beige, Beijing
Durban Univerity, South Africa
Malmö University, Sweden

More info
ArchFestLund 2010
Best Documentary about architecture, cityscapes

Beijing Film Festival 2007
Golden Duck – Best short documentary
Best short Documentary 2007