Away from the wave

In summer 2005 I started a workexperience at Folke Rydén Production AB. This is the first film I worked on and became the editing assistant on this production.

Short Synopsis:
On December 26th 2004, Ove Ohlson is filming his children playing on the beaches of Khao Lak. Suddenly the water withdraws significantly. Then a massive wave comes roaming towards the beach. Seconds later the whole area is covered in water.

And the video camera is still recording.

This spectacular beginning sets the stage for heartbreaking stories from Thai and Swedish survivors. On their way from the wave, they all unite in the quest for a new life.

Away From the Wave is a strong emotional account of the Boxing day tragedy. But instead of focusing only on the unbearable loss and sadness, this film depicts how a deep and sincere love and understanding have raised between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Production Facts

My role: Editing Assistant
Original title: Vägen från Vågen
Director: Folke Rydén
Length: 58 min

Shown on (selection):
SVT, YLE, DR & Festivals

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