From Bill to Barack

From Bill to Barack is a documentary about the current state of the US which Folke Rydén directed together with Bengt Norborg. I was working on the project as the editor.

Short Synopsis:
In 1992 U.S. correspondent Folke Rydén and cameraman Dan Jåma covered the presidential race, from the early primaries until the day of the vote.

Now, in 2008, the same people are being visited again. Through their life stories from the last 16 years, the same ordinary Americans as in 1992 give a stunning account of how the most powerful nation has changed and how this profoundly affects the presidential election.

Production Facts

My role: Editor
Original title: Från Bill till Barack
Director: Folke Rydén
Director: Bengt Norborg
Length: 58 min

Shown on (selection):
SVT, YLE, DR & Festivals

Awarded:New York Festivals 2010 – Silver