• New job: 'Fotoredigerare' at SVT Nyheter
    After having worked with mainly documentaries for the last ten or so years, I am now embarking on a new journey: For the next couple of months I will be working at Swedish television - more specifically for SVT News. I will work as a camera operator and editor and my work will be broadcasted in the many different news slots SVT has. I am looking forward to this new opportunity. It´s a whole new world to be publishing news on a more daily rhythm - compared to the documentaries I have worked on - that were released about once a year.
  • New Office
    Welcome to! I have recently moved into a new shared and creative office space on Södermalm/Sofo in Stockholm. Inspiring colleagues and a great space to work! Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with your media projects. Short term or long term. Filming, editing, post-production or websites! Swedish, English or German. Small-scale or large-scale. I am ready to help.  Call me!  
  • Dokument inifrån
    I now watched all three parts of 'Dokument Inifråns' "Experimenten" on SVT. What a scandal! And well done, SVT/Dokument Inifrån/Bosse Lindqvist. I had been in contact with the case during the producing of this series since I was asked to translate some material from German to Swedish. So I knew this was coming - but I didn't know how it would turn out. It sure will be calling for many engaged discussions in many homes in Stockholm and elsewhere. Will be interesting to see how this evolves...
  • Happy new year!
    Welcome to and a happy new year! I had a great christmas break and am now back in Stockholm. I am looking forward to some nice winter months - and to work on some exciting projects. More on this to come. In the meantime, if you need help with your media projects - filming, editing, postproduction or websites - please get in touch!  
  • Double Happiness
    The second day of the ArchFilmSthlm Festival was out at Cyklopen in Högdalen. I had always wanted to go there but never got round to. Well, on saturday I finally managed and went to see "Double Happiness" - a documentary about the Austrian village of Hallstatt – and its Chinese copy. Such a great pick for the festival - and a very good film topic. I especially liked that in the beginning of the film one was constantly uncertain if we were being shown the original or the copy. If you ever get a chance to see this film - do.
  • ArchFilmSthlm opening with "Barbicania"
    Years ago, my film about the changing Beijing was shown at the ArchFilmFest in Lund. This year ArchFilmSthlm was started. Not by the same people, but in the same spirit. Their opening night was last friday. They kicked off the festival with a film about the Barbican, in London. "Barbicania" is a video diary about this iconic building in London. Over the period of one month, the filmmakers have gone each day and documented one aspect of the Barbican. That way they have visited peoples flats, the library, the archives, the theatre, church, graveyard, washing-saloon, roofs - all aspects of the Barbican where portrayed. All in all a very well done portray of the Barbican - and a great method for a documentary... Funnily enough, I had my graduation ceremony of my Bachelor degree at the Barbican. And in the movie, as they are filming inside the auditorium, my old university was having another event...  It is a small world.
  • Bikes VS Cars
    I finally watched Fredrik Gerttens film "Bikes vs Cars". The version that is out on SVT Play. It is a great film that brings together many of my interests in sustainable city planning, biking and urban futures. How can we continue to live in cities in a responsible and realistic way when soon there will be twice as many cars in the world. Interesting characters and cases in the film. If you haven´t seen it yet, consider watching it on Vimeo on Demand. It is the longer version that is available for rent there. And I assume that is my only critique: the SVT version seemed to be cut down a bit too harsh. That said, I don´t mind the length of 58 minutes - when it is well done... In this case, the longer one may be better. I haven´t seen it in that version - yet... Either way - watch it!  
  • new
    I made my first in 1998. For years the site was a static HTML page. Its function to be my personal private portfolio has not changed. In think it was around 2011 that I switched the design to wordpress. I spend a lot of time looking for themes, became a good customer at themeforest , buying all kinds of themes, always hoping that this is the theme that would finally satisfy my vision for They all failed... But now - here is the new
  • Recent movie: "Birdman"
    Had high expectations after all those around me having high praise for the film. My verdict - technically well done - but storywise not really my thing...