ArchFilmSthlm opening with “Barbicania”

Years ago, my film about the changing Beijing was shown at the ArchFilmFest in Lund. This year ArchFilmSthlm was started. Not by the same people, but in the same spirit. Their opening night was last friday. They kicked off the festival with a film about the Barbican, in London. “Barbicania” is a video diary about this iconic building in London. Over the period of one month, the filmmakers have gone each day and documented one aspect of the Barbican. That way they have visited peoples flats, the library, the archives, the theatre, church, graveyard, washing-saloon, roofs – all aspects of the Barbican where portrayed.

All in all a very well done portray of the Barbican – and a great method for a documentary…

Funnily enough, I had my graduation ceremony of my Bachelor degree at the Barbican. And in the movie, as they are filming inside the auditorium, my old university was having another event…  It is a small world.