Enno Ladwig

Freelance Media Producer

Camera-Operator | Editor | Postproduction-Manager

  • e: enno.ladwig@mac.com
  • w: www.enno.net
  • m: +46 767698765

Personal Profile

My name is Enno Ladwig. I was born in Hamburg. Since 2004 I live in the beautiful city of Stockholm. I have 20 years of experience in media production. Currently I am on a contract with SVT News – working as a camera-operator and editor. I have also worked as a freelance Media Producer, Filmmaker, Editor & Camera. I make media campaigns, documentary & tv productions.  Whenever I am off work I enjoy kayaking the city or exploring the world.



Camera & Editor for SVT Nyheter/Swedish Television News

2016 – now

Currently on a contract with SVT Nyheter: filming & editing news for i.e. SVT Rapport, Aktuellt.

Freelance Media Producer, Filmmaker, Editor/Postproduction & Camera, Sweden

2010 – now

Media Campaigns, Documentary & tv-productions. Stockholm as a base. For video samples see portfolio.

Editor & Folke Rydén Production AB, Sweden

2005 – 2016

Employed as a cameraman and editor at Folke Rydén Production AB in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been involved in the making of several awarded documentary films which have aired all around the world.

Producer, Director of documentary |Personal project, Sweden & China


Producer, Director & Editor of the documentary Cycle of Change – Beijing, my old home, a film about the fast and drastic changes in Beijing prior to the 2008 Olympics. This film was awarded the Golden Duck Award “Best short documentary” at the New Beijing International Filmfestival 2007. Read more about this film

Production Manager at alternetive new media, Germany.

03. – 05. 2006

Production manager for the childrens short film drama Pauls Opa, set in Hamburg, Germany. The film was shown at more than 50 filmfestivals and has won several awards. Read more

Floor Manager at alternetive new media, Germany.

03 – 04. 2004

Floor Manager for Tanzmäuse, a childrens film drama, set in the 80ies East-Berlin. The film was shown at various film festivals around the world and has won several awards including the best childrens short film award at Gioni Film Festival in Italy.

Technical Editor at Addison Wesley,  Germany.

01 – 03. 2003

Technical editor of a new Dreamweaver MX 2004 book published in summer 2004.

Book-Author at Addison Wesley,  Germany.

2001 – 2002

Author of two books on computer programs, published in 2001 & 2002. Read more

Work experience at Macup GmbH,  Germany.

01. – 05. 1999

Author of several articles in different issues of the magazine “Screen Business Online” & “Page”

Work experience at reading room Ltd,  UK.

autumn 1998

Work experience at reading room Ltd – a London based web design company

Work experience at Macup GmbH,  Germany.

1996 – 2000

Development of web-design company Ladwig & Sander Media Service GbR, later renamed to Alternetive networks GmbH: www.alternetive.net


Key Skills

  • Media Campaigns
  • Production
  • Documentaries
  • Editing & Post-Production Planning
  • Camera
  • Homepages | WordPress


Mejan Arc, KKH, Stockholm, Sweden

Post-Gradual Course: “Resources.13 – Incremental Change Radical Shift – Rio de Janeiro” | 2013-2014

The urban is a process of continuous change. A constant stream of exchanges and restructuring, of negotiations and agreements. Resources.13 will explore current urban strategies in Rio de Janeiro and ask the question – How are people’s needs and dreams affected by global agendas and motives? click here to see the course site

University of Hamburg, Germany

Journalism & Scandinavian studies | 2002 – 2004

Swedish language and journalism

London Guildhall University, UK

Bachelor -Communications and Audio-Visual Production | 1999 – 2002

The course focused on both communication theories, cultural history methods & production management as well as radio production and practical drama and documentary-making skills.

High-School  “Gymnasium Oberalster – (GOA)”, Hamburg, Germany

A-levels / Abitur | 1993 – 1997


High-School  “German School Beijing (DSP)”, Beijing, China

A-levels / Abitur | 1993 – 1997


High-School  “Gymnasium Oberalster – (GOA)”, Hamburg, Germany

A-levels / Abitur | 1993 – 1997


Elementary-School  “Alsterredder”, Hamburg, Germany

A-levels / Abitur | 1993 – 1997