Welcome to www.enno.net
My name is Enno Ladwig. I live in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden.

Mail me if you want to get in touch - or call on +46 767698765

Enno Media is my company. I work as a freelance Media Producer, Filmmaker, Editor & Camera. I make media campaigns, documentary & tv productions. I work with computers, cameras & post-production. I am a self-going camera-operator as well as an experienced editor & post-production manager. Communication is key.

I also work with WordPress, web-campaigns & design.

new enno.net
  • And finally, here is the new enno.net

    I made my first www.enno.net in 1998. For years the site was a static HTML page. Its function to be my personal private portfolio has not changed. In think it was around 2011 that I switched the design to wordpress. I spend a lot of time looking for themes, became a good customer at themeforest , buying all kinds of themes, always hoping that this is the theme that would finally satisfy my vision for www.enno.net.

    they all failed.

    Finally, here it is in a new design. Whilst not final, it is closer to what I was longing for. For the first time I have written a theme all from scratch by myself. In the process I learned a lot. There still are some issues. They will be addressed bit by bit…

    And maybe, maybe I´ll also find some more time to blog…